Collect and learn from your assembly line data

Engineers need easy access to data to solve problems, so we put it at their fingertips. Place our inspection equipment on assembly lines to collect high-resolution images and other data about units as they're built.

Search, inspect, compare

Our software exposes assembly line data to help engineers to find and fix issues earlier and faster.  That means you get higher yields with fewer tool revisions, and get to market faster.

Measure whatever, wherever, whenever

The first tool that allows engineers to measure almost any dimension from any stage of assembly, at any time, without physical access to the unit or the factory.

Ready to get ahead?

We were trying to scale manufacturing in an ‘Apple Way’ without the massive operational resources of Apple. Across the board, Instrumental saved us time by giving us a really quick feedback loop.
— Chrissy Meyer, Director of Hardware Product Development, Pearl Auto