About us

Instrumental makes intelligent data-driven tools that help product companies find and fix issues on their assembly lines. We are working to improve the manufacturing of millions of things each day. We value diversity and our team is collaborative, supportive, transparent, and pun-tastic. Join us to modernize manufacturing!

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) / DevOps Engineer

As our first DevOps engineer, you will work with senior developers to build a distributed data pipeline between our AWS infrastructure and the factories of the world. The automation we write will power software running on assembly lines for the most desirable and confidential consumer electronics products. It will deliver software to factories in China, the USA, Mexico, and anywhere else on Earth that things are made. 

Does building a world-wide distributed service like that sound like a fun problem to you? Hooray! Let’s do it.

Your day-to-day role will involve:

  • Creating tooling for provisioning and releasing to our distributed factory hardware and services
  • Implementing systems for managing, monitoring and alerting on our hardware and application services
  • Troubleshooting hardware, services and networking issues, in collaboration with your colleagues and customers


  • Helping design network solutions for working within client restrictions, e.g. Firewalls, QoS restrictions, Service model, etc.
  • Building dashboards for metrics and alerts for our factory services
  • Developing tools for image and data analysis
  • Helping the company transition distributed systems from Windows to Linux

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Has a relentless desire to automate and build software tools
  • Has multiple years hands-on experience administering Linux, preferably with distributed systems. You should know how to trace syscalls, understand TCP, etc.
  • Knows how to debug remote systems and secure them
  • Has experience implementing safe remote-patching processes
  • Is comfortable writing software to automate API-driven tasks at scale
  • Has experience with AWS (1+ years) and some Infrastructure-as-code tool (preferably Terraform)
  • Can communicate complex ideas effectively with technical and non-technical people
  • Understands that collaboration is key and is eager to research and learn about areas outside of their expertise
  • Is good at thinking out loud, difficult to frustrate, and fun to work with!