About us

Instrumental makes intelligent data-driven tools that help product companies find and fix issues on their assembly lines. We are working to improve the manufacturing of millions of things each day. We value diversity and our team is collaborative, supportive, transparent, and pun-tastic. Join us to modernize manufacturing!

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) / DevOps Engineer

Instrumental is seeking a Site Reliability Engineer that will build, maintain, and optimize infrastructure to ensure data collected from our systems in factories around the world is accessible, and protected in the process. Instrumental was founded so our customers can ship quality hardware products faster, and you, should you choose to join us, will ensure we deliver on that promise.


What will set you up for success:

  • Hands-on experience with Linux administration in a distributed systems environment

  • Experience with system configuration with an emphasis on security

  • Computer networking experience, including TCP, DNS, NAT, routing, firewalls, and VPNs

  • Ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to technical and non-technical individuals alike

  • A relentless desire to automate (or the foundation and desire to learn!)

  • An ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment


What you can expect in the first month:

  • Becoming the go-to person for technical operational questions for our equipment and network solutions

  • Researching the problems we encounter and developing potential solutions to them, including but not limited to: Great Firewall of China, VPN solutions, bandwidth issues, and end-to-end encryption

  • Learning our process for executing on deploys


Success in three months will include:

  • System monitoring and maintenance for current factory stations deployed around the world

  • Redefining network architecture to improve reliability, scalability, bandwidth, and operational overhead

  • Working cross-functionally with software and hardware engineering teams to identify new station and deployment requirements

  • Writing scripts to ensure infrastructure is up, running, and remotely configurable


Six months and beyond:

  • Fully implementing network and station improvements

  • Develop a more scalable Linux-based computing platform for our station software

  • Iterating on our security initiatives

  • Automating tasks to ensure maximum uptime as our offering evolves