BEFORE: You make a dozen factory visits to spot as many issues as you can.

AFTER: See exactly what’s happening on your line no matter where in the world you are — Instrumental customers can review images of their in-process products online.

BEFORE: You spend days waiting for a measurement report just so you can start failure analysis, while delays pile up.

AFTER: You can act right now, taking measurements when you need them without physical access to units.

  • Bring downed lines up hours or days faster
  • Identify the root causes of end-of-line issues in minutes
  • Test hypotheses about failures without building more units
  • Monitor and set cosmetic specifications remotely
  • Identify specific units to pull for repair or rework
  • Keep teams aligned around the globe

Engineering teams at Fortune 500s trust our system to help them find and fix issues every day. They’re using it on the best consumer electronics manufacturing lines in the world, including: